GOV: The campaign of Gov. Greg Abbott (R) released a pair of new ads, “Opportunities” and “Brighter Future,” focusing on jobs and education. respectively.

The campaign also released one-minute radio ads on similar topics and highlighting his achievements in office.

SEN: Club for Growth Action released a new ad, “Bulldozer,” likely the first in a series attacking U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-El Paso).

Meanwhile, the Cruz campaign posted a short video to its web site in which O’Rourke appears to call kneeling during the national anthem and burning an American flag “inherently American” during a town hall in El Paso. The Dallas Morning News’s Todd Gillman and others reported the full transcript of the exchange. The entire town hall meeting, including this exchange, was posted to O’Rourke’s Twitter feed last week.

CD23: The Gina Ortiz Jones (D) campaign released a new ad focused on health care.

CD31: The M.J. Hegar (D) campaign released a new ad, “Covered,” focused on health care, and tattoos.

Primary Turnout: Massachusetts held its primary election tonight. As of press time, turnout there appears like it could just barely eclipse turnout in the March primary in Texas, but it is too close to call. Turnout in Texas will rank either 38th or 39th out of the 46 states that have held primary elections so far this year.

Delaware’s primary election is Thursday. Only voters registered with a particular party may participate, which automatically excludes a quarter of registered voters. Primary season concludes next week when New Hampshire and Rhode Island hold their primary elections. New York hosts its second primary election, this time for state and local offices. Just 3% of registered voters participated in the state’s June 26 federal primary elections. Louisiana’s “primary” election is November 6.

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