Legislators occupying nearly one out of every four seats are unopposed for re-election. Slightly more incumbent legislators face primary challengers.

A total of 41 incumbent legislators (23 R, 18 D) have no known opponents, and another 12 (5 R, 7 D) face no major-party challengers. Another 45 incumbent legislators (33 R, 12 D) face contested primary elections. These figures are based on the latest available compilations of candidate filings posted by the Secretary of State’s office and minor parties’ websites. Parties were required by statute to submit their certified candidate lists to the Secretary of State yesterday (Tuesday), and those lists were required to be posted by the Secretary of State today (Wednesday).

Only Republican and Democratic primary candidate filings were published by the Secretary of State on its website, as far as we can tell. The Libertarian and Green Parties nominate by convention, and their candidate lists typically do not get posted by the Secretary of State until after their conventions. As such, our understanding of their candidates may yet change. Also included in the analysis is the list of candidates who filed their declarations of intent to run as independents, of which few will actually complete the process of qualifying for the ballot. Keep in mind that the filing period for certified write-in candidates does not occur until July, potentially giving some unopposed candidates an opponent right before the general election.

Our Crib Sheets have the latest information. Our standard views now show only filed candidates. Below, we list incumbents who have no known opponents, only minor party or independent opposition, or who have primary opponents. If they have more than one primary opponent, the number of opponents is shown in parentheses.

Incumbents with No Known Opponents


Statewide: Mary Lou Keel

Senate: Paul Bettencourt, Brian Birdwell, Bryan Hughes, Charles Perry, Drew Springer

House: DeWayne Burns, Tom Craddick, Jay Dean, Drew Darby, Sam Harless, Brian Harrison, Todd Hunter, J.M. Lozano, Will Metcalf, Geanie Morrison, Candy Noble, Tom Oliverson, Jared Patterson, Dade Phelan, Shelby Slawson, John Smithee, Ed Thompson, Cody Vasut

Congress: August Pfluger, Roger Williams


Senate: Borris Miles, Royce West

House: Terry Canales, Ana Hernandez, Jarvis Johnson, Tracy King, Trey Martinez Fischer, Joe Moody, Sergio Muñoz Jr., Mary Ann Perez, Ramon Romero Jr., Toni Rose, Carl Sherman, Shawn Thierry, Senfronia Thompson, Chris Turner, Armando Walle, Gene Wu

Congress: none

Incumbents with Only Minor Party or Independent Opponents


Senate: Charles Schwertner

House: Keith Bell, David Cook, Cody Harris, Four Price

Congress: Jodey Arrington


Senate: Sarah Eckhardt

House: Rafael Anchia, Liz Campos, Jessica González, Donna Howard, Victoria Neave, Lina Ortega

Congress: none

Incumbents with Contested Primaries


Statewide: Greg Abbott (7), Wayne Christian (4), Glenn Hegar, Sid Miller (2), Dan Patrick (5), Ken Paxton (3), Scott Walker, Evan Young

Senate Republicans: Donna Campbell, Pete Flores (2), Angela Paxton

House Republicans: Steve Allison, Ernest Bailes (3), Cecil Bell Jr., Dustin Burrows, Giovanni Capriglione, Travis Clardy (3), Gary Gates, Ryan Guillen (2), Cole Hefner, Justin Holland (2), Lacey Hull (2), Kyle Kacal (2), Ken King, Stephanie Klick (4), Stan Lambert, Brooks Landgraf, Jeff Leach, Andrew Murr, John Raney, Glenn Rogers (3), Matt Schaefer, Mike Schofield, Bryan Slaton, Reggie Smith, David Spiller (3), Phil Stephenson (3), Lynn Stucky, Valoree Swanson (3), Steve Toth, Gary VanDeaver (2)

Congress: Michael Burgess (4), John Carter (2), Michael Cloud (4), Dan Crenshaw (3), Jake Ellzey (2), Pat Fallon (2), Tony Gonzales (2), Kay Granger (2), Troy Nehls, Chip Roy (3), Pete Sessions (3), Van Taylor (4), Beth Van Duyne, Randy Weber (2)


Senate: John Whitmire

House: Alma Allen (2), Rhetta Bowers, Harold Dutton, Art Fierro (paired), Mary González, Ray Lopez, Claudia Ordaz Perez (paired), Richard Raymond, Ron Reynolds, James Talarico, Erin Zwiener (2)

Congress: Henry Cuellar (2), Lloyd Doggett (3), Veronica Escobar, Vicente González (6), Marc Veasey

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