Voter ID: Judge Lawrence Meyers, the lone Democrat currently holding state office, has withdrawn a lawsuit he filed to overturn the Voter ID law. The suit is not related to a federal lawsuit before the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (Oral arguments are scheduled for May 24 before all 15 judges.). Meyers’ suit was before a state appeals court, which heard oral arguments on whether the suit should proceed earlier this week. Meyers’ attorney said the lawsuit was withdrawn so that more facts about the law’s impacts – specifically, how many voters had been turned away because they lacked identification – could be developed. Meyers is expected to refile the suit later this year.

Meyer is running for re-election as a Democrat for Place 2 on the Court of Criminal Appeals. He has served on the court since 1992, winning all of his elections as a Republican. He switched parties in late 2013 when he filed, as a Democrat, for an unsuccessful race for Supreme Court. He is the first statewide Democratic incumbent to seek re-election since 1998, when Supreme Court Justice Rose Spector (46%) and CCA Judge Charlie Baird (46%) were defeated in the general election.

RRC: The Houston Chronicle endorsed Gary Gates and Cody Garrett. The paper’s editorial board previously endorsed Lance Christian and John Greytok in the Republican primary and former Rep. Lon Burnam in the Democratic primary.

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