SD30 special (Safe Republican): The conservative online publication The Texan reported that Midland oil executive Tim Dunn has loaned the Shelley Luther campaign $1M. Dunn is one of the largest contributors to Empower Texans PAC. Candidates’ 8-day-out campaign finance reports are due on Monday. These reports will cover contributions received, loans taken out and expenditures made through tomorrow (Saturday).

Early voting continues for the September 29 special election. Through yesterday (Thursday), the fourth day of early voting, just over 14K people have voted early. Of those, just over 2K voters live within the four counties located within HD68, which is currently held by Rep. Drew Springer (R-Muenster), a candidate in this race. That’s fewer than the number of voters casting ballots early in either Denton or Grayson Cos. but slightly ahead of HD68’s percentage of Republican votes cast in the 2018 general election for SD30.

The Texas Assoc. of Realtors TREPAC. Texas Alliance for Life PAC and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram endorsed Springer.

HD126: The Houston Chronicle endorsed Democratic challenger Natali Hurtado over Rep. Sam Harless (R-Spring).

HD127: The Houston Chronicle endorsed Rep. Dan Huberty (R-Houston).

CD2 (Lean Republican): Democratic challenger Sima Ladjevardian’s campaign released a new ad, “Pharmacy,” focusing on health care costs.

The ad was released in English and Spanish.

CD7 (Lean Democratic)/CD 22 open (Toss Up): The National Republican Congressional Committee has canceled $2M in television advertising time in the Houston market which would most likely have supported Republican candidates in these districts, reported the Texas Tribune’s Abby Livingston. The committee has shifted these resources into the Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio markets. The Houston market is nonetheless expected to be flooded with ads sponsored by outside groups.

CD24 open (Lean Democratic): Former Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne’s (R) campaign released a new ad, “No Police, No Peace,” focusing on support for law enforcement.

Harris Co. Absentee Suit: The Fourteenth Court of Appeals ruled that the state failed to prove Harris County Clerk’s Christopher Hollins’s plan to send mail ballot applications to all registered voters would amount to abetting felonies.

“The injury alleged by the State is at best speculative,” said the per curiam decision. “The State’s argument is based on mere conjecture. There is, in this record, no proof that voters will intentionally violate” the law.

The decision affirmed a lower court order. However, the Texas Supreme Court earlier this week barred Hollins from mailing absentee ballot applications until it has heard the case.

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