Beaumont: Robin Mouton won the mayoral runoff over Roy West, 52%-48%, to become the city’s first Black female mayor. It was the first mayoral runoff in the city’s recorded history. Turnout was 24%, an unusually high figure for a summer municipal runoff election.

Brownsville: Challenger Pedro Cardenas ousted council member Ben Neece, 68%-32%, and Roy De Los Santos won an open council seat, 54%-46%, over Jessica Puente-Bradshaw.

Harlingen: Frank Morales won an open council seat over Chino Sanchez, 66%-34%.

Pasadena: Jonathan Estrada defeated J.T. Thomas, 57%-43%, to win an open council seat.

Eye on 2024

SEN: In an eclectic announcement, El Paso sex therapist Elizabeth Rothschild announced her “candidacy for a chair in the United States Senate Gallery in Washington, D.C.” as a Republican. Rothschild’s Facebook page indicates she has a PhD, a medical degree and is also a federal marshal. “The Adult Entertainment industry provides career opportunities, whereby jobs are created and maintained to sustain the economic stability of the industry, which contributes moderately to our national Gross National Product,” she said in a press release. “Our nation needs all of our jobs.”

Neither U.S. Senate seat is up in 2022, so her earliest opportunity to win a seat in the gallery is 2024, assuming she wins the primary against U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R). A page on her website indicates she may not run until 2026, which would put her in a primary against U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R), or possibly 2032.

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