By a 59%-41% margin, voters in Kansas rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that effectively would have banned abortion procedures in the state. More than 900K Kansans cast ballots, representing 47% of registered voters.

Donald Trump carried the state, 56%-42%, in 2020. “No” over-performed Joe Biden by at least 16 points in each of the state’s four congressional districts, and “No” carried each district.

Based on unofficial results, approximately 255K votes cast in the referendum came from Democratic primary voters and another roughly 465K came from Republican voters. While it is likely that some registered Democrats and Republicans skipped their primary but voted in the referendum, we will assume for simplicity that the remaining 190K voters were unaffiliated (Kansas has closed primaries.). The number of Democratic primary voters plus non-primary voters sums to 444K, roughly 90K short of the number of “No” votes in the referendum. This implies roughly 1 in 5 Republican primary voters also voted “No.”