Early voting concludes tomorrow (Tuesday) in most jurisdictions holding May 4 elections.

Non-citizen Voter Probe: A federal judge has approved a settlement signed by all parties in the lawsuit over the state’s efforts to remove suspected non-citizens from the voting rolls. As part of the settlement, the Secretary of State will implement a new “agreed matching process” and rescind the process, and its accompanying list of 95K voters, it adopted three months ago.

Under the new “agreed matching process,” the Secretary of State’s office will:

  • Obtain from the Texas Dept. of Public Safety a list of all individuals who are at least 18 years old, hold a current driver’s license or personal identification card, and presented documents at their last DPS visit indicating they were not citizens (at the time).
  • Match those records against the voter registration database.
  • Identify those matched records belonging to people who registered to vote before presenting those documents to the DPS; and
  • Send county voter registrars only those records.

The Secretary of State’s office can update its information on a weekly basis going forward, and DPS will send the Secretary of State the records for which the U.S. citizenship field changed to “Yes” from “No” on a daily basis.

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