Federal District Judge Orlando Garcia granted a preliminary injunction sought by Democratic and voting rights groups as part in a case over the state’s compliance with provisions in the federal National Voter Registration Act commonly referred to as “motor voter” registrations.

The court ordered the Texas Dept. of Public Safety, Secretary of State and relevant county officials to process the registrations of three Texans with using the digital signatures they submitted as part of online driver license renewal and change-of-address applications. “Due to strict time constraints, the Court is currently considering only the very narrow temporary relief sought by the three individual plaintiffs” and is holding other issues in abeyance. Texans must be registered to vote by February 3 to participate in this year’s primary elections.

Texas law requires voters to provide an original signature on their registration forms.

This is the second time this federal court has found the state in violation of the federal motor voter law. An appellate court tossed the decision after ruling that the plaintiffs lacked standing.

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