Rep. Doug Miller (R-New Braunfels) did not win a three-way primary outright and faces Fredericksburg hardware store owner Kyle Biedermann in the Republican runoff. Since 1996, just four of the 22 legislative incumbents forced into runoffs have prevailed, and all but one of them finished at least 17% ahead of their rival in the primary. Miller was 3.6% ahead of his runoff opponent.

Miller finished first in the primary, receiving 43% of the vote. Biedermann finished a close second with 40%. A third candidate, Boerne attorney and anti-Sharia Law activist Chris Byrd, received the remaining 17%.

Gillespie Co. was key to Miller’s 17-vote victory over freshman incumbent Nathan Macias in 2008, and it may very well be the key for Biedermann, who is from there, to oust the incumbent in 2016. Biedermann won Gillespie Co. outright with 52% of the vote, netting a little over 1,000 votes over Miller (39%). In 2008, Miller carried only Gillespie Co., winning it 60%-40% (1,113-vote margin), while Macias won the district’s three other counties, 52%-48% combined (1,096-vote margin). At the time, Bandera Co. was part of HD73. It is not today.

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