Lake Dallas insurance and financial services businessman Read King held longtime incumbent Rep. Myra Crownover (R-Denton) under 55% in the 2014 primary. She did not run for re-election, while King pressed forward with another run. In the 2016 primary, King received more votes (6,236) than Crownover did in in 2014 (6,058), but his share of the record turnout vote fell from 45% to 30% against a pair of opponents. He finished second to Sanger veterinarian and former Sanger ISD board president Lynn Stucky (42%).

In 2014, King won 10 precincts against an incumbent. In 2016, King received the most votes in 3 precincts, winning none of them outright.

Sanger represents a single precinct in HD64, and Stucky received 64% of the vote there. King was third with 14%. Likewise, Lake Dallas represents a single precinct, and Stucky also finished first there, edging out King 37%-32%. King received 7 more votes than third-place finisher Rick Hagen in King’s home precinct. Denton comprised 62% of the HD64 vote in the primary. Stucky received 2,538 more votes there than King.

Entering the primary, King had financial advantages over Stucky. Entering the runoff, those advantages have flipped. Stucky received more contributions ($131K to $26K), spent more money ($112K to $21K) and has more on hand ($32K to $5K).

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