Freshman Rep. Lynn Stucky (R-Sanger) narrowly out-raised primary challenger Mark Roy, $109K to $85K, during the last six months of 2017. Added to the $14K he raised at the end of June, Stucky has a nearly $40K lead in total contributions for the election cycle to date. Stucky has a smaller $77K to $54K advantage in cash on hand.

Mark Roy


Rep. Lynn Stucky

Rep. Lynn

Democrat Andrew Morris raised $9K and has $2K on hand. His other two Democratic rivals, Matt Farmer and Mat Pruneda, raised less than $3K combined (Farmer has suspended his canpaign and endorsed Morris). Libertarian Nich Dietrich has not filed a report. This analysis focuses on the Republicans.

Roy accepted his first contribution at the end of September, so almost all of his fundraising activity occurred during the final quarter of the year.

Stucky’s contribution total for 2017 ranks 17th among 26 Republican House incumbents in a contested primary, and his cash-on-hand total ranks 18th. Roy’s contribution total and cash-on-hand total ranks 8th among the 34 primary challengers facing a Republican House incumbent.

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