Former Rep. Stuart Spitzer (R-Kaufman) announced he would seek another rematch against Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Terrell), who have squared off in every Republican primary election since 2012.

Rep. Lance Gooden

Rep. Lance

Stuart Spitzer


Spitzer lost his first race against Gooden, who was then a first-term representative seeking re-election, 54%-46%, in the 2012 primary. Two years later, Spitzer ousted Gooden in the 2014 Republican primary, 51%-49%. In 2016, Gooden returned the favor, defeating now-incumbent Spitzer, 52%-48%.

Gooden first won the office after defeating the then-incumbent Rep. Betty Brown by 177 votes in the 2010 Republican primary. The winners of the last six Republican primaries for HD4 have received 54% or less of the vote.

“The current Texas House, our current Representative, is failing to deliver,” Spitzer said in a statement. “I will be the consistent, conservative leader voicing HD4’s needs, values and beliefs effectively to make a difference.” Spitzer was one of 19 representatives who voted against Speaker Joe Straus when the 2015 session convened.

Spitzer reported having $39K on hand as of June 30 but received no contributions during the first half of the year. He reported a loan balance of $135K. Gooden reported having $176K on hand and $36K in contributions. He reported an additional $2.5K contribution in his special session report.

Forney pastor Marty Reid previously announced he would challenge Gooden. In April 2015, Reid gave the invocation during a session of the Texas House after being introduced by Spitzer, who called Reid “a wonderful man and wonderful patriot” during his introduction.

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