Katy educator Eliz Markowitz, the lone Democrat in the eight-person field, out-raised the Republican candidates combined, $294K to $122K, from September 27 through October 26, the period covered by the candidates’ newly filed 8-day-out reports. She is comfortably ahead in cash on hand for a prospective runoff, which she appears highly likely to make. Houston anesthesiologist Anna Allred ($66K) and Katy attorney Tricia Krenek ($55K) were the top Republican fundraisers for the period, but both were greatly outspent by Rosenberg real estate investor Gary Gates, who is self-funding his campaign.

Eliz Markowitz


Gary Gates


Gates spent $555K during the period, which appears on its face to be more than the rest of the candidates combined ($511K), bringing his total spending on the race to $802K, which is also more than the rest of the rest of the candidates combined ($754K). However, Gates reported a $200K loan repayment on his 8-day-out report, reducing his campaign’s spending on itself to $355K for the period and $602K to date.

For the period, Krenek spent $205K, Markowitz spent $190K and Allred spent $104K. Gary Hale raised less than $1K and spent $12K. The reports from Sarah Laningham and Clinton Purnell were not available, but they raised less than $1K combined entering the period covered by those reports.

Overall, Markowitz ($374K) and Allred ($225K) are the leading fundraisers, followed by Krenek ($85K). Gates’s loan principal is over $1M, which has enabled him to spend the most. Markowitz’s largest contributors to date include the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee ($35K), House Democratic Campaign Committee ($25K), National Democratic Redistricting Committee ($25K), Annie’s List ($21K), Future Now Fund ($20K), American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees PAC ($15K), John and Laura Arnold ($10K), Fair and Square PAC ($10K), Flippable ($10K) and Texans for Insurance Reform PAC ($10K).

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