Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston) holds key campaign finance advantages over her conservative challenger Susanna Dokupil, but the latter has some hefty endorsers behind her, suggesting her fundraising capability is significant going forward. HD134 is likely to be one of the most expensive state primary races.

Davis narrowly out-raised Dokupil, $163K to $148K, during the last six months of 2017, giving Davis an overall $62K edge in total contributions. Davis out-spent Dokupil, $182K to $27K, for the period, and Davis has a modest $31K advantage in cash on hand. It’s worth noting that Dokupil’s campaign was raising money during just the last two and a half months of 2017.

Democrat Allison Sawyer raised just over $7K for the period, bringing her total contributions for the campaign cycle to $49K. A second Democratic candidate, Lloyd Oliver, thought by some to be a Republican stalking horse to keep moderate voters in the Democratic primary, reported no contributions.

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