Freshman Rep. Rick Galindo (R-San Antonio) faces a rematch against former one-term Rep. Philip Cortez (D-San Antonio) in HD118, one of five Republican-held House seats where Democrats have the historical advantage in straight-ticket voting in presidential election years. As he did in 2014, Cortez entered the campaign’s final weeks with the financial advantage over Galindo, but Galindo, now an incumbent, has closed the gap.

Rep. Rick Galindo

Rep. Rick

Philip Cortez


Cortez narrowly out-raised Galindo, $107K to $101K, from July 1 to September 29, the period covered by recently filed 30-day-out reports. Cortez has out-raised Galindo, $224K to $168K, for the 2015-16 election cycle.

Galindo has a slight edge in cash on hand, and each candidate has spent just over $130K for the election cycle. Galindo outspent Cortez, $62K to $30K, during the most recent period.

Neither candidate had a primary opponent. The only other candidate in the race is San Antonio real estate agent San Carlos Antonio Raymond, a write-in option whose website uses at least four combinations of his names.

Compared to 2014, Galindo has raised about $74K more and Cortez has raised about $23K more for the election cycle to the corresponding point in time. Both candidates raised more during the 30-day-out period this year than in 2014.

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