Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) was unopposed in 2014 after defeating former HD107 Rep. Bill Keffer (R-Dallas) in a 2012 primary runoff, 52%-48%. Movement conservative groups have criticized Villalba, who has a career rating of “F” on Empower Texans’ scorecards, but have not yet mustered a true Tea Party challenger.

Dallas attorney Dan Morenoff announced in September that he would challenge Villalba. He describes himself as “an unhyphenated, full-spectrum conservative” who will support “the kind of conservative reforms that will make Texas more Texas.” Since moving to Dallas in 2001, Morenoff has led the local chapters of the Federalist Sociey and the Republican Jewish Coalition, and he is the executive director of the Equal Voting Rights Institute, a public-interest law firm that “seeks to restore and protect” the right to vote. Incidentally, the institute’s board of directors include Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving).

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