In HD105, Rep. Rodney Anderson (R-Grand Prairie) has about double the resources of Democratic challenger Terry Meza, according to the candidates’ 30-day-out reports filed last week. Anderson out-raised Meza, $179K to $103K, between July 1 and September 29, and he has a $117K to $52K advantage in cash on hand.

Rep. Rodney Anderson

Rep. Rodney Anderson

Terry Meza


Anderson’s fundraising total is nearly identical to his 2014 results ($171K) for the corresponding period, and he has a higher cash-on-hand total than two years ago ($73K).

Meza had the third-highest fundraising total for the period among statewide and legislative challengers, finishing behind Victoria Neave in HD107 ($164K) and former Rep. Philip Cortez in HD117 ($107K). However, she raised $43K less than Anderson’s 2014 opponent for the corresponding period.

Anderson has out-raised Meza for the 2015-16 election cycle, $308K to $131K, and he has outspent her more than 3-to-1 so far. Anderson is about $40K ahead of his 2014 fundraising total as of the 30-day-out reports, while Meza is more than $150K short of Anderson’s 2014 opponent.

Neither candidate had a primary opponent, and no other candidates are in the race.

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