Green Party: The Green Party of Texas filed paperwork with the Secretary of State to register as a political party for the 2018 general election. The party lost automatic access to the ballot when none of its 2016 statewide candidates received at least 5% of the vote. The party must collect at least 47,183 valid signatures from registered voters who did not participate in any other party’s primary or convention during a 75-day window beginning in mid-March. Four candidates filed to run as Green Party candidates in 2018.

HD8 open: The Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND endorsed Cody Harris in the Republican primary to succeed retiring Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana).

HD80: Former Webb County Judge Danny Valdez told the Laredo Morning Times’s Julia Wallace that he will take his ballot access fight to the Texas Supreme Court. Last week, the Third District Court of Appeals denied his petition to place his name on the Democratic primary ballot. Valdez mailed his application to a former address of the Texas Democratic Party. In a two-page ruling, Justice Cindy Olson Bourland found that the Legislature “unambiguously placed the risk of untimely delivery or nondelivery on the candidate who mails his or her application and filing fee, and the facts presented neither justify nor authorize a departure from that allocation.” Rep. Tracy King (D-Batesville) is otherwise unopposed for re-election.

HD100: The Dallas Morning News endorsed Rep. Eric Johnson (D-Dallas) for re-election.

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