Gerrymandering: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a lower court applied an incorrect legal standard when it determined that 11 Virginia legislative districts were not racially gerrymandered. The lower court required plaintiffs to prove “an actual conflict between the enacted plan and traditional redistricting principles” when precedent establishes that “circumstantial evidence of a district’s shape and demographics” can sufficiently determine whether a district has been racially gerrymandered. The case was remanded to the district court to determine “the extent to which, under the proper standard, race directed the shape of these 11 districts.” The districts were drawn in 2011 to ensure at least 55% of the voting-age population in each was African-American. The court did not issue a ruling on a racial gerrymandering case involving North Carolina’s congressional districts, which was argued on the same day as the Virginia case.

New CTA: Mineral Wells resident Kimberly Olson has filed a campaign treasurer appointment with the Texas Ethics Commission but did not indicate which office she would seek.

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