Texans could see up to eight parties on the ballot in November, but more than 235K voters will have to sign their petitions first.

Five political parties filed paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office as a first step toward gaining spots on the ballot. The America’s Party of Texas, Christian Party of Texas, Green Party of Texas, None of the Above and Texas Independent Party each must collect at least 47,183 valid signatures during a 75-day period beginning in mid-March. Signatures must come from registered voters who did not participate in any other primary’s primary or convention.

The Republican, Democratic and Libertarian Parties already have guaranteed access to the ballot, because at least one of their statewide candidates received at least 5% of the vote in the 2016 general election. The Green Party lost access to the ballot in 2018 when none of its statewide candidates received at least 5% in the last general election.

Candidates filed with at least three of the petitioning parties. We have previously reported on the four candidates who filed to run under the Green Party banner. Seventeen filed for state and federal office with the None of the Above party, and two filed with the America’s Party of Texas. All of these candidates are listed in our Crib Sheets. Their party labels are GRN, NOTA and APT, respectively.

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