Candidates and officeholders who are currently running unopposed, including those who faced no primary opposition, could yet end up with a general election opponent. The filing period has begun for certified write-in candidates, the final group of potential candidates for the general election.

Under state law, election officials are required to count votes cast for certified write-in candidates, but they may ignore votes cast for other names written by voters.

The filing deadline is August 22.

LTGOV (Lean D): Democratic challenger Mike Collier’s campaign released a new ad, “Fix the Damn Grid,” which directs Texans to call Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s (R) office “when your lights go out.”

Galveston Co.: Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) withdrew as a potential replacement candidate for county commissioner prior to the District 4 executive committee meeting. The committee selected Robin Armstrong to replace former Co. Comm. Ken Clark (R) on the general election ballot. Clark passed away in May after winning the Republican nomination for another term. Armstrong was previously appointed as the interim commissioner by County Judge Mark Henry (R). Armstrong is unopposed for a full term.

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