Early Voting begins tomorrow for the November 7 general and constitutional amendment election.

HD36: A federal judge ordered Rep. Sergio Muñoz Jr. (D-Palmview) to pay a $3M judgment after ruling against him last month in a legal malpractice case, reported The Monitor’s Mitchell Ferman. U.S. District Judge Micaela Alvarez concluded that Muñoz failed to disclose to his client a business relationship with a judge presiding over a case he was handling. The judge was eventually removed from the case. Muñoz has denied any wrongdoing.

HD107: Rep. Victoria Neave (D-Dallas) pleaded no contest to a charge of driving while intoxicated. Neave said in a statement that she will pay a fine, be put on probation, have her license suspended and accept several other stipulations. “I accept full responsibility,” she said. “My personal mistakes have not, and will not, distract me” from representing her constituents in the Legislature.

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