PRES: Hillary Clinton’s ad buy in Texas is believed to be around, or less than, $100K, reports the Texas Tribune’s Abby Livingston and others. Reservations have been booked for October 19-25 in the Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio markets for an ad highlighting her historic endorsement by the Dallas Morning News.

Clarification: Yesterday we reported that Hillary Clinton “is believed to be only the second Democratic presidential candidate to buy local ad time in Texas since Jimmy Carter in 1976 (Bill Clinton in 1992).” We meant for the general election but neglected to include those words in the statement. Democratic presidential candidates have spent money in Texas trying to earn the Democratic nomination. For example, the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination was hotly contested in Texas, and the leading candidates, Clinton and Barack Obama, spent well over $15M on television advertising. However, it does not appear that Obama bought ads past primary day.

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