Voter Fraud: Two people who served as Harris Co. election clerks during the 2016 primary runoff election pleaded guilty to casting another person’s ballot. The pair unlawfully cast a ballot for one of their daughters. Because of the involvement of poll workers, this is a type of voter fraud that is beyond the reach of the state’s voter ID law.

SD19: Sen. Carlos Uresti (D-San Antonio) has withdrawn his name from consideration to become the next president pro tempore of the Senate “at this time.” Senators historically elect one of their own to serve in the largely ceremonial position at the beginning and end of a legislative session based on seniority. Uresti is the most senior member of the body who has not yet served in the position. “I look forward to serving at a future time,” Uresti said in a statement. He was recently indicted on multiple federal charges stemming from his ties to a bankrupt frac-sand company and a health services contract in a West Texas county. Uresti has proclaimed his innocence of the charges.  Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) is next in line in seniority after Uresti.

Dallas: The Dallas Morning News endorsed incumbent council member Monica Alonzo in the P6 runoff. The paper previously endorsed challenger Alex Dickey prior to the May 6 election. He failed to make the runoff.

El Paso: The Texas Assoc. of Realtors’ TREPAC endorsed former Rep. Dee Margo (R-El Paso) in mayoral runoff and Jaime Barceleau (D3), Shane Haggerty (D4), Cecilia Lizarraga (D8) and Jim Tolbert (D2) in city council runoffs.

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