Filing Begins: Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), candidates may begin filing for offices on the May 6 uniform election date ballot. We have a list of those offices for the state’s 100 largest municipalities available here.

Campaign Finance: January semiannual campaign finance reports were due today (Tuesday) for all state and legislative officeholders and candidates with active campaign accounts. These reports include all contributions received and expenditures made since either just before the November election or July 1. Most of these reports will not be available online until tomorrow (Wednesday). Some notables we’ve seen so far:

  • GOV: Gov. Greg Abbott previously announced raising $9M and having $34.4M on hand.
  • LTGOV: The Dan Patrick campaign raised $5M since July 1, $2.6M of which he raised since October 29, and has $13.7M on hand.
  • AG: Attorney General Ken Paxton previously announced raising $1.8M since July and having $4.6M on hand.
  • RRC: Chair Christi Craddick raised $727K during the last six months of 2016 and has $1.9M on hand. She has not announced whether she will seek re-election in 2018.
  • SD5: Sen. Charles Schwertner’s (R-Georgetown) campaign raised $650K since July 1 and has $1.7M on hand.
  • SD10: Sen. Konni Burton’s (R-Colleyville) campaign raised $151K since July 1 and has $205K on hand.

Federal year-end campaign finance reports are not due until January 31. We will update our Crib Sheets in the next few days.

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