SD15: Houston attorney Damian LaCroix said via Twitter that he is considering a primary rematch against Sen. John Whitmire (D-Houston). LaCroix received 26% of the vote against Whitmire in the 2014 Democratic primary.

HD46: In a statement, Travis Co. District Attorney Margaret Moore said her offer to Rep. Dawnna Dukes (D-Austin) to avoid trial has expired. She said her office received no contact from her or her attorneys. Moore offered to drop the criminal charges against Dukes if she resigned and met other conditions. Dukes is scheduled to stand trial before District Judge Brad Urrutia on October 16.

Meanwhile, it appears that Rep. Rene Oliveira (D-Brownsville) is representing Dukes. He signed a statement rejecting the Moore plea deal. Yesterday, two of the attorneys representing Dukes asked to be excused from the case.

HD62: Van Alstyne electrical engineer Brent Lawson announced he would challenge Rep. Larry Phillips (R-Sherman) in the Republican primary.

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