SD14: Sen. Sarah Eckhardt (D-Austin) was sworn in following Rep. Eddie Rodriguez’s (D-Austin) decision to withdraw from the special runoff election. There are now 10 women serving in the Texas Senate for the first time in state history.

CD23 open (Lean Democratic): Raul Reyes Jr. will seek a recount of his 46-vote Republican runoff loss to Tony Gonzales II. “We want to ensure all ballots were counted properly through an expeditious recount process as allowed under law.”

Libertarian Convention: At its convention in Big Spring, the Libertarian Party nominated Kerry McKennon as its candidate for U.S. Senate. He received 2% of the vote in 2018 as the Libertarian nominee for lieutenant governor. The party’s delegates elected four women to its top leadership positions, including Whitney Bilyeu as chair and Bekah Congdon as vice chair.

Round Rock: The city council has scheduled a special meeting for Thursday to discuss its prior decision to postpone the May 2020 elections, which were already postponed to November 3, until May 2021. In a letter to Mayor Craig Morgan, whose term was to have expired in May, Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton (R) said the city lacks the authority to postpone the election until next year.

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