Two days remain to vote early in person for the March 1 primary. A little over 6% of eligible voters have cast ballots early in person or by mail during the first eight days of early voting (through Tuesday). Republican turnout for the state’s 15 most populous continues to be a record for the party but is 38% behind the 2008 Democratic primary turnout through eight days.


Republican Turnout Through Eight Days Is …


Ahead of 2014


Ahead of 2012


Ahead of 2010


Ahead of 2008

Republican turnout is more than 500% ahead of 2004.

Democratic turnout continues to be well short of the 2008 record but well ahead of the primaries since. Turnout is 126% ahead of 2010, 94% ahead of 2012 and 74% ahead of 2014. Turnout is 169% ahead of 2004.

Some counties have reported results for today (Wednesday), the ninth day of early voting.

In Harris Co., nearly 14K cast ballots in person in the Republican primary or had their ballots by mail received today, bringing the county’s 9-day total to 80,045. This is almost 30K more than through the first nine days of 2014, the previous record for the county. The combined total of Republicans and Democrats voting early so far is just slightly above the number of Democrats who voted early through the first nine days of 2008.

In Tarrant Co., about 20K more Republicans have voted early through nine days (in person any by mail) than in 2014, which itself was more than 10K votes above the corresponding 2012 total. Nearly as many Republicans have voted early in 2016 as Democrats voted early in 2008 in the county. In-person turnout has been highest in HD98 (8,436), HD92 (6,620), HD94 (5,961) and HD99 (5,857). The latter three feature hotly contested House races.

In Travis Co., Republican turnout continues to set records. The 18,602 early votes through nine days is 47% higher than the previous high in 2008 and 79% higher than in 2012. Democratic turnout is higher than the last three primaries combined but 43% behind 2008.

In Hidalgo Co., Republican turnout is more than double 2014 and nearly double 2012. Democratic turnout is only 17% behind the record 2008 pace, the closest to that record of any of the 15 most populous counties.

In Montgomery Co., more Republicans have voted early in 2016 than in the 2010 and 2012 primaries combined (through nine days). More Democrats have voted early through nine days this year than in the last three primaries combined, but turnout is less than a third of the 2008 turnout.

Friday is the last day to vote early in person.