Early voting continues through Friday for the January 28 special runoff elections in HD28, HD100 and HD148.

In HD148, just 258 people voted today (Wednesday), bringing the two-day total to 3K. So far, 78% of votes have been cast by mail, and the number of mail ballots is already double the number from the November general election. In that election, the two Republican candidates received 29% of the vote, which was a little below their overall vote share.

Initial Primary Ratings: We have added our initial primary race rankings to our Crib Sheets. Each contested primary is rated from 5 stars down to 1 star based on competitiveness, potential impact, financial resources and, where applicable, “intangibles.” Our federal rankings are necessarily a little on faith since they are based on campaign finance data from October. They will be updated after year-end reports are filed on January 31. Our legislative and statewide ratings will be re-evaluated based on 30-day-out reports filed February 3.

Only six races received five-star ratings in our initial scoring:

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