Early voting: Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day to vote early in person for the May 7 local elections and the HD120 and HD139 special elections.

  • In Harris Co., a total of 158 people have voted in person and another 1,170 by mail in the HD139 special election through Monday, the eighth day of early voting.
  • In Bexar Co., a total of 5,951 people have voted in person through Monday. This total includes local elections that are not part of HD120. One out of every five voters cast their ballots at the Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall.
  • In Travis Co., a total of 31,740 people have voted in person and another 4,389 ballots by mail have been received, for a total of 36,130 early voters through Sunday. Most of these voters are Austin residents voting on Prop 1.
  • In Lubbock Co., a total of 2,175 people cast ballots early on Monday either in person or by mail, bringing the eight-day total to 12,839 voters. This is more than double the 2014 early voting total and slightly ahead of 2012.

SD24 open: The National Rifle Assoc. and the Texas State Rifle Assoc. endorsed Rep. Susan King (R-Abilene). The Texas Nurses Assoc. PAC, Texas Nurse Practitioners PAC and Texas Assoc. of Nurse Anesthetists PAC endorsed King. Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford) endorsed Dawn Buckingham.

HD18 open: Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC endorsed Ernest Bailes.

HD64 open: The Lynn Stucky campaign released an ad focusing on Stucky’s experiences at the 2013 Boston Marathon, where he was waiting for his daughter to finish the race, and discussing border security.

HD120 open: The Mario Salas campaign released a video of local citizens offering their endorsements.

CD19 open: The Jodey Arrington campaign announced the endorsements of Texas Alliance for Life, the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Assoc., Texas Cattle Feeders Assoc., Haskell Mayor John Gannaway and Littlefield Mayor Eric Turpen. Arrington finished first in Haskell Co., where he received 104 more votes than Glen Robertson (34%-20%). Robertson finished first in Lamb Co., where he received 142 more votes than Arrington (32%-27%).

Austin Prop 1: Ridesharing Works for Austin PAC reported an additional $45K in in-kind contributions from Lyft.