Early voting, which continues its record-setting pace, concludes Friday. Through yesterday (Tuesday), the first-ever 15th day of early voting, 8.2M Texans – 48.3% of registered voters – have cast ballots in person (7.3M) or by mail (893K). Already, the number of people who have voted so far in 2020 is equal to 91% of the total number of people who voted for president in 2016, including Election Day.

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We have increased our estimate of total voters 12.5M, which would represent 73.7% of registered voters, which would eclipse the 72.9% turnout of 1992 and would be only the second time in 50 years that turnout has exceeded 70%. The average turnout for a recent presidential election is around 59% of registered voters.

Ten counties have already surpassed the total number of votes cast for president in 2016, including Election Day.

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