Today (Monday) was the filing deadline for most candidates seeking partisan office in 2020. At least 53 were “new” candidates for federal, state or legislative office in the sense that we were not tracking them, had not reported on them this cycle and did not have them listed on our Crib Sheets. As always, there were some surprises and unexpected decisions. We have updated our Crib Sheets to the best of our ability, but we expect there will be additional changes during the week as the final candidate rosters are prepared. We also have not seen any candidate rosters from the Libertarian and Green Parties.

Top News

HD2: Royse City financial services manager Bryan Slaton filed to challenge Rep. Dan Flynn (R-Van) in the Republican primary for the third time. Flynn defeated Slaton, 52%-48%, in the 2018 primary and 51%-49% in the 2016 primary. Flynn also drew a new general election challenger in Como consultant Bill Brannon, who filed as a Democrat.

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