Deadlines: Tomorrow (Monday) is the deadline to register to vote for the November 5 general, constitutional amendment and special elections. It is also the deadline for candidates in the three legislative special elections and local candidates on the general election ballot, where required, to file 30-day-out campaign finance reports.

HD13/CD13: Clarendon resident Dwight Hardin established a state campaign committee for what appears to be a potential challenge of Rep. Ben Leman (R-Iola). However, Clarendon is about 450 miles outside the district. It is located within open CD13, and so it is likely that Hardin intends to run for that seat. Accordingly, we have listed Hardin on our Federal Crib Sheet. We were otherwise unable to determine his partisan affiliation, but there aren’t many Democrats left in Donley Co.

HD28 special: The Texas Parent PAC endorsed Eliz Markowitz, the lone Democrat in the field.

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