PRES: In an editorial that begins by pondering what it means to be a Republican, the Dallas Morning News declared Donald Trump “not qualified to serve as president” and undeserving of “your vote.” The paper has endorsed every Republican presidential candidate since 1964.

RRC open: Railroad Comm. Christi Craddick endorsed former Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Center).

SC3: The Dallas Morning News endorsed Justice Debra Lehrmann.

SC9: The Dallas Morning News endorsed Justice Eva Guzman.

Dallas Co.: District Attorney Susan Hawk has resigned, citing health concerns. After taking office following her 2014 election victory over two-term incumbent Craig Watkins, Hawk has battled prescription medication addiction and depression, leading to lengthy absences. She successfully fought off a lawsuit seeking to remove her from office over her mental health issues.

Hawk’s resignation occurs after the deadline that a special election would have to be called to elect a successor for the remainder of her term. Section 202.002(b), Election Code provides that a special election must be ordered if a vacancy for county office “occurs on or before the 74th day before the general election for state and county officers held in the next-to-last even-numbered year of a term of office.” That was August 26. It is likely that a Democrat would have won such an election. Instead, Gov. Greg Abbott will appoint her successor, who most observers expect would be a Republican, and that appointee will serve the remainder of Hawk’s unexpired term. Hawk would have been up for re-election in 2018.

Abbott’s office will begin accepting applications and “will take the appropriate time” to name replacement, a spokesman said in a statement.

Travis Co.: Former Travis Co. Republican Chair James Dickey announced he would seek the post again in the aftermath of Robert Morrow’s resignation to run for president. Acting chair David Duncan and political consultant Brendan Steinhauser are also in the race. As far as we can tell, no date has been set for precinct chairs to select a new party chair. For what it’s worth, Morrow has endorsed Dickey.