Campaign Finance. Today was the deadline for 30-day-out campaign finance reports from candidates for statewide, legislative and other state and local offices for which reports must be filed. We expect most of these reports will be available online from the Texas Ethics Commission early tomorrow.

We will provide updates throughout the day about key races and add the data to our Crib Sheets, starting with the competitive races, followed by major-party contested races, minor-party contested races and uncontested candidates. We will then begin looking at the competitive race contributions in detail later this week.

Federal candidates’ and office-holders October quarterly reports are due Saturday, and their pre-general election reports are due October 27. We will also have a much stronger sense of independent expenditures in congressional districts, because those groups are also required to file reports by Saturday. We do not know if those reports will be available online over the weekend.

The next campaign finance reports for state and legislative candidates are due October 31.

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