Early voting for the May 22 runoff election continues through Friday. In general, Democratic voters are turning out at the highest rate since at least 2002, and Democratic voters are outnumbering Republican voters for the first time since 2008, the last year in which there was no statewide Republican runoff race. Each party’s runoff turnout exceeds its primary early voting turnout as of this point in the early vote period. That said, turnout statewide for both parties is just north of 2% combined, so far.

GOV: The campaign of Gov. Greg Abbott (R) released a new web ad attacking Lupe Valdez’s positions on issues relating to sanctuary cities.


In a lengthy statement, Valdez responded that she remains “opposed to … all attempts to fearmonger and wrongfully attack immigrant communities and people of color.”

HD13 open: In a daily pre-election report, the Ben Leman campaign disclosed $35K in contributions, including $13K from Texas House Leadership Fund and $11K each from Associated Republicans of Texas and Texas Assoc. of Realtors TREPAC.

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