Updated to correct an error in the date of the HD146 precinct chairs’ meeting.

HD120 open: As of 3 p.m. today, no one had used the court-ordered “reasonable impediment affidavit” because they lacked required photo identification during the first four days of early voting in the special runoff election, according to Jacquelyn Callanen, the county’s elections administrator. Low use of the affidavit is not surprising given that it became an option the day before early voting began and very, very few people have voted in person at all.

Another 46 people voted in person today, bringing the four-day total to 119. This total excludes ballot-by-mail voters, who are highly likely to be the largest voting bloc in what may be the lowest turnout for a special runoff election in at least 20 years. Early voting concludes tomorrow. Tuesday is Election Day.

HD146 open: The 27 or so Democratic precinct chairs residing in HD146 will meet next Saturday, August 6, at the Sunnyside Multi-Service Center beginning at 10 a.m. to choose a nominee to replace Rep. Borris Miles (D-Houston). At least six people have expressed interest in the nomination. Miles abandoned his re-election to the House to fill the vacant nomination for SD13, which was caused by Sen. Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) being selected to replace the late Harris Co. Comm. El Franco Lee on the ballot. Lee passed away in January. All three men were running unopposed for re-election to their respective offices.

San Patricio Co.: Assistant County Attorney Tamara Cochran-May announced her resignation so she could focus on her campaign full-time. Cochran-May, a Republican, is challenging County Attorney David Aken, a Democrat, in the general election. Aken was unopposed in 2008 and 2012. Republican candidates had a 1,200-vote advantage in straight-ticket voting in 2012, yet only two Republicans sought countywide office: incumbent District Attorney Patrick Flanigan and incumbent Tax Assessor-Collector Dalia Sanchez. They were unopposed.

Austin: Market analyst Nicholas Virden has filed to challenge council member Sheri Gallo for her D10 seat. Virden’s application indicates he has lived in Austin just over two years. He turns 23 years old next month. The cover photo of his personal Facebook page is of Rand Paul.