Voter Fraud Investigation. The Secretary of State’s Director of Elections has asked the Attorney General for “assistance in reviewing allegations of criminal activity in Hill County elections.” A complaint filed by Philip Harris of Direct Action Texas alleges that as many as 1,743 votes were cast in the county in the primary that cannot be associated with actual voters and several voters cast ballots as many as four times.

County election officials said the errors are likely the result of double-counting the absentee and early votes, which are still tallied by hand. They believe that any downward adjustments made to the vote totals would not affect any outcomes.

Even if illegal activity was found, the results of the 2016 primary would not be changed. Hill Co. is part of HD8, where a primary race between Rep. Byron Cook and Thomas McNutt was decided in Cook’s favor by 225 votes. Cook won Hill Co. by 365 votes.

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