Campaign Finance: January semiannual campaign finance reports are due tomorrow (Wednesday) for state officeholders and candidates and, where required, local officials and candidates. We expect these reports will be available online beginning sometime Thursday, and we will begin updating our Crib Sheets and reporting key results through the day. These reports should be filed regardless of whether a candidate or officeholder faces primary opposition.

To the extent possible based on availability of reports and totals, we will proceed with races in this order:

  • Legislative special runoff elections
  • State and legislative incumbents facing primary opponents
  • Non-judicial statewide elected officials
  • Open-seat races for the party holding the seat, and the opposing party’s candidates for seats potentially in play in November
  • All other contested primaries
  • All other incumbents with general election opposition, and
  • Unopposed candidates.

We expect to send two or three “breaking news” alerts during the day and to have most of the new numbers loaded into our Crib Sheets by the end of the day, assuming their availability.

Federal candidates must file their year-end campaign finance reports by January 31. The six candidates in the January 28 special runoff elections have a January 21 deadline to file their runoff campaign finance reports. State candidates facing primary opposition must file their 30-day-out reports by February 3.

Filing Period Begins: Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the first day local candidates can file for a spot on the May 2 general election ballot. The filing deadline is February 14.

GOV: The campaign of Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced he raised $7.8M during the second half of 2019, and he has $32M on hand.

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