SD17: Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston) announced she would seek re-election.

HD4: Rep. Keith Bell (R-Forney) announced he would seek re-election.

HD7: Rep. Jay Dean (R-Longview) announced he would seek re-election.

CD31: 2020 Democratic nominee Donna Imam said she would run for Congress in 2022 in an Austin-area district. She lost to U.S. Rep. John Carter (R-Round Rock), 54%-46%, in the last general election in the district as it is currently configured. We list her today in CD31 because of her past run, but the actual seat she will seek remains to be seen.

New Political Party: Houston businessman and two-time mayoral candidate Bill King became the founding chair of the Texas SAM Party, which is affiliated with the Serve America Movement. The nascent party reportedly filed paperwork with the Secretary of State to begin the process of gaining ballot access in 2022. Section 181.005, Election Code, provides that a party intending to nominate candidates by convention – in other words, not by primary elections – must submit signatures equal to or greater than 1% of the total votes received by gubernatorial candidates in the last general election. Based on the 2018 election, that would be 83,435 people who do not participate in another party’s nominating primaries or conventions.

San Juan: A recount confirmed Mayor Mario Garza’s 33-vote runoff victory over Jesse Ramirez.

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