Percent of the voting-age population (VAP) who voted for Greg Abbott or Wendy Davis in 2014 in Dallas Co. precincts where at least 75% of the population is Hispanic/Latino. That’s about one out of every 13 people of eligible voting age in those precincts.

The disparity in participation rates between Anglo and minority adults, particularly Hispanic/Latino adults, is one of the reasons that no Democrat has won statewide since 1994. In Dallas Co., every Democrat running countywide in 2014, including all of the statewide candidates, narrowly carried the county except incumbent District Attorney Craig Watkins, who lost to Susan Hawk by fewer than 3,500 votes out of more than 400K cast. Even with the Democrats’ successes in the county, gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis had just a 45K vote advantage over Greg Abbott, not even enough to overcome Abbott’s advantage in adjacent Collin Co.

We looked at voter participation in 117 precincts where Anglos comprised at least 75% of VAP, 53 precincts where African-Americans comprised at least 75% of VAP and 58 precincts where Hispanics/Latinos comprised at least 75% of VAP in the 2014 general election in Dallas Co. Hispanic/Latino participation, from registering to vote to voting, lagged severely behind that of Anglos and African-Americans in these strongly ethnic voting precincts.

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