The Senate approved legislation that would move this year’s filing period and next year’s primary and primary runoff elections based on when a redistricting plan becomes law. Senate Bill 1822 by Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston) would establish temporary provisions in the Election Code that would be triggered depending on when redistricting plans can be created by the Legislature.

  • The primary would remain on March 1, and the runoff on May 24, if a redistricting plan becomes law on or before November 22, 2021. A truncated filing period would run from November 29 through December 13.
  • The primary would be held on April 5, and the runoff on June 21, if a redistricting plan becomes law between November 23 and on or before January 3. The filing period would run January 10-24.
  • The primary would be held on May 24, and the runoff on July 26, if a redistricting plan becomes law between January 4 and February 14. The filing period would run from February 21 through March 7.

The bill gives the Secretary of State the discretion to set the election dates and filing period for any redistricting plan that becomes law after February 14. For purposes of the bill, a plan becomes law when it is signed by Gov. Greg Abbott (R) or becomes law without his signature.

The bill does not adjust the timelines and deadlines for minor party and independent candidates, whose place on the ballot can be earned by obtaining signatures from voters who did not participate in any party’s primary or runoff elections. For example, an independent candidate would have around three weeks to gather signatures for an office for which a primary runoff election was held on July 26. In a typical year, they would have almost seven weeks to gather signatures.

The bill was motivated by delays in the preparation of redistricting data by the U.S. Census Bureau. The current estimated delivery date is on or before September 30.

CD6 special: BOLD Democrats endorsed Jana Lynne Sanchez. The Voter Protection Project endorsed Shawn Lassiter (D).

The Susan Wright (R) campaign tweeted that President Biden and Sanchez and “want to take your guns away.” Sanchez responded by inviting Wright to “join me at the [shooting] range sometime soon.”

AG: Land Comm. George P. Bush (R) said he was “seriously considering” challenging Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton (R) during an appearance on The Mark Davis Show today (Thursday).

Supreme Court: Fifth Court of Appeals Justices Erin Nowell (D) and Amanda Reichek (D) announced they would challenge Justice Debra Lehrmann (R) and Justice Rebeca Huddle (R), respectively.

Arlington: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram endorsed council member Andrew Piel for re-election and Nikkie Hunter for an open council seat.

Dallas: The Dallas Morning News endorsed council member Casey Thomas for re-election and Sana Syed for an open council seat.

Lewisville: The Dallas Morning News endorsed IT sales manager T.J. Gilmore for mayor.

Plano: The Dallas Morning News endorsed council member Lily Bao for mayor.

Legislation: The House Elections Committee approved House Bill 6 by Rep. Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park) on a party-line vote.