Early voting in person continues across the state. Today (Wednesday) was Day Three.

Through the first two days, nearly 1M Texans voted early either in person or by mail in the state’s 15 most populous counties. This is 49% more than through the first two days of 2012, 62% more than in 2008 and 181% more than in 2004. Slightly more people voted in person (401K) on Tuesday than on Monday (394K). All 15 counties saw record turnout for Day Two of early voting and through two days of early voting.

Derek Ryan’s latest analysis indicates that more early voters in 20 of the state’s largest counties have Republican primary history (36%) than Democratic primary history (32%), and about 9% of voters have no recent voting history. Almost half of voters with no recent voting history registered after the March primary.Just 3% of voters have history in both parties’ primaries. Ryan is a Republican political consultant and former research director of the Republican Party of Texas.

Some turnout highlights of Day Three (Wednesday):

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