SD6 special: Just 269 people voted in person today (Monday), the eighth day of early voting, the lowest weekday total so far. At this point, just over 7K people have voted so far, more than two-thirds of whom have done so by mail. Turnout is currently about 2.2%.

Dallas: Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas), who has been rumored at several points as a potential mayoral candidate, tweeted something that sounds like something a mayoral candidate might say.

His campaign’s Facebook page and web sites are presently dark. This could mean nothing, as Villalba lost the March primary and was not on the ballot in November, or it could mean that these online properties are being rebranded. Three candidates – former housing authority chair Albert Black Jr., former City Attorney Larry Casto and former Hillary Clinton campaign fundraiser Regina Montoya – have announced for the race. Mayor Mike Rawlings is term-limited.

Palmview: The city must order a special mayoral election because Mayor Rick Villarreal was not actually elected in November. Section 2.051, Election Code permits a city to cancel an election if “each candidate for an office that is to appear on the ballot in that territorial unit is unopposed and no at-large proposition or opposed at-large race is to appear on the ballot.” Because there were several contested council seats on the ballot, Villarreal needed to receive at least one vote to be elected. Because of where his name was listed on the ballot, under “unopposed candidates declared elected,” no one could vote for him. The special election must occur within the next 120 days, and other candidates would be able to file for the office.

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