About one out of every eight absentee ballots cast in the March 1 primary election was rejected, according to a report by the Associated Press’s Paul J. Weber and Acacia Coronado.

Nearly 23K absentee ballots were rejected, almost all of them because they did not meet the new identification requirements enacted by the Legislature last year. The total is likely higher – the authors were able to obtain data from 187 of the state’s 254 counties. The counties that provided data accounted for 85% of primary voters.

A partisan breakdown was not provided, but the report notes that the “rejection rate was higher in counties that lean Democratic (15.1%) than Republican (9.1%).

Harris Co. published reconciliation reports for each party’s primary on its website. A total of 7,034 absentee ballots were rejected, of which 56% were Democratic primary voters (3,818 ballots) and 44% were Republican voters (3,116 ballots). The county rejected 135 mail ballots cast in the 2018 primary elections.

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