We’re still in recovery mode from primary night, so today’s update is going to be a little short. Keep in mind that all election results are unofficial at this time. Until Monday, overseas ballots will continue to be accepted and voters who cast provisional ballots are able to work with county officials to cure whatever issue caused them to vote provisionally. Next week, counties will canvass the results, which makes them official. At that point, recounts can proceed. Runoff candidates have until March 21 to withdraw. Final runoff pairs will not be official until then.

That said, here are the runoffs for statewide, legislative, Board of Education and federal offices based on the unofficial results:


Republican Runoffs

HD4: Former Rep. Stuart Spitzer (46%) vs. Keith Bell (26%)
HD8: Cody Harris (45%) vs. Thomas McNutt (39%)
HD13: Jill Wolfskill (39%) vs. Ben Leman (36%)
HD54: Rep. Scott Cosper (45%) vs. Brad Buckley (42%)
HD62: Reggie Smith (46%) vs. Brent Lawson (34%)
HD107: Deanna Metzger (45%) vs. Joe Ruzicka (27%) – Brad Perry misses runoff by 6 votes
HD121: Matt Beebe (29%) vs. Steve Allison (26%)

CD2: Rep. Kevin Roberts (33%) vs. Dan Crenshaw (27%)
CD5: Rep. Lance Gooden (30%) vs. Bunni Pounds (22%)
CD6: Ron Wright (45%) vs. Jake Ellzey (22%)
CD21: Chip Roy (27%) vs. Matt McCall (17%)
CD27: Bech Bruun (36%) vs. Michael Cloud (34%)
CD29: Phillip Aronoff (39%) vs. Carmen Maria Montiel (24%)

Democratic Runoffs

GOV: Lupe Valdez (43%) vs. Andrew White (27%)

SD17: Rita Lucido (49%) vs. Fran Watson (35%)

HD37: Rep. Rene Oliveira (48%) vs. Alex Dominguez (36%)
HD45: Rebecca Bell-Metereau (45%) vs. Erin Zwiener (31%)
HD46: Chito Vela (40%) vs. Sheryl Cole (38%)
HD47: Vikki Goodwin (34%) vs. Elaina Fowler (29%)
HD64: Mat Pruneda (42%) vs. Andrew Morris (39%)
HD109: Deshaundra Lockhart Jones (45%) vs. Carl Sherman (40%)
HD133: Sandra Moore (49.92%) vs. Marty Schexnayder (41%) – Moore missed outright win by 6 votes

ED12: Suzanne Smith (48%) vs. Laura Malone-Miller (26%)

CD3: Lorie Burch (49.6%) vs. Sam Johnson (29%)
CD6: Ruby Faye Woolridge (37%) vs. Jana Lynne Sanchez (37%) – separated by 19 votes
CD7: Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (29%) vs. Laura Moser (24%)
CD10: Mike Siegel (40%) vs. Tawana Cadien (18%)
CD21: Mary Wilson (31%) vs. Joseph Kopser (29%)
CD22: Sri Preston Kulkarni (32%) vs. Leticia Plummer (24%)
CD23: Gina Ortiz Jones (41%) vs. Rick Treviño (17%)
CD25: Chris Perri (33%) vs. Julie Oliver (26%)
CD27: Roy Barrera (41%) vs. Eric Holguin (23%)
CD31: M.J. Hegar (45%) vs. Christine Mann (34%)
CD32: Colin Allred (39%) vs. Lillian Salerno (18%)

SD6 (open): Reps. Carol Alvarado (D-Houston) and Ana Hernandez (D-Houston) have announced plans to seek the seat soon to be vacated by Sen. Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston), the almost certain successor to retiring U.S. Rep. Gene Green (D-Houston).

Alvarado’s campaign released a three-minute video focusing on her accomplishments in office and Hurricane Harvey recovery.

HD107: Brad Perry, who missed the Republican runoff by just 6 votes to Joe Ruzicka, endorsed Ruzicka. He faces Deanna Metzger. The winner faces Rep. Victoria Neave (D-Dallas).

CD21: Derrick Crowe, who finished third in the Democratic primary, endorsed Mary Wilson. Elliott McFadden, who finished fourth, tweeted that he had not made any decision about an endorsement, “but whoever our nominee is, that person will have my full support.”

CD23: Overnight, the final precincts were counted, and Rick Treviño finished 216 votes ahead of Judy Canales to make the Democratic runoff against Gina Ortiz Jones. A recount is expected.

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