In two Williamson Co. state House districts, Democrats made gains in straight-ticket voting like those seen in urban county Republican-held districts. In the other, Republicans added to their advantage like many rural counties across the state.

Rep. Tony Dale

Rep. Tony

Overall, Williamson Co. voters cast record numbers of straight-ticket votes for all four parties on the ballot, and straight-ticket votes represented the greatest share of all votes cast in any general election since at least 1992, the earliest year for which straight-ticket votes were separately recorded.

Williamson Co. voters cast 63% more straight-ticket Democratic votes than in 2012. The greatest gains occurred in HD136 (+8,205 votes) and HD52 (+7,098). The number of straight-ticket Republican votes increased by 27% over 2012. The greatest increase occurred in HD20 (+6,467), of which only a portion lies in the county. The number of straight-ticket votes for the minor parties were more than double their 2012 totals.

Countywide, four out of every seven (57%) votes cast were straight-ticket votes, which ranks 16th out of the state’s 20 most populous counties.