At least 5.32M straight-ticket Republican and Democratic votes were cast by Texans in last week’s general election, a new record for the state, and the number could top 5.5M.

Straight-ticket Republican and Democratic votes represent 62% of all votes cast for president in the 170 of the state’s 254 counties from which we have received data. These counties account for 96% of all votes cast for president. This percentage is right about the same as in 2012 (61.7%) and 6.4 percentage points above 2008 (55.6%).

So far, we have counted just short of 2.9M straight-ticket Republican and 2.43M straight-ticket Democratic votes were cast, establishing new records for both parties. The total number of straight-ticket Republican votes is likely to cross the 3M mark. Most of the outstanding counties are red to deep red on the map. Both parties’ straight-ticket vote totals exceed their respective primary turnout, which is typical in Texas.

So far, straight-ticket Republican votes have accounted for 33.7% of all votes cast, a slight decrease from the 2012 record of 34.8% but up considerably from the 2008 mark of 28.99%. The raw number of straight-ticket Republican votes is currently about 160K above the previous record set in 2012, and it is likely to be around 240K more once all counties’ reports are in.