Most of 2019’s early money went to the 2022 ballot.

July semiannual campaign finance reports were due yesterday (Monday) for state officeholders and candidates, including legislators and those running against them, and generally became available online today (Tuesday). They cover contributions received and expenditures made during the first six months of 2019. For incumbents, those contributions could be received only during a 14-day window at the end of June, except for a handful of legislators who won special elections earlier this year.

Nearly $26M was given to state officeholders, legislators and candidates during the first half of the year. Statewide officials not on the ballot in 2020 accounted for $18.7M of it – 72% of the total. Our Crib Sheets have been fully updated with the latest campaign finance numbers. We covered federal offices’ July quarterly reports yesterday.

Statewide Offices

Statewide officials actually on the ballot in 2020 were led by Railroad Comm. Ryan Sitton ($539K in contributions), Supreme Court Justice Brett Busby ($489K) and Chief Justice Nathan Hecht ($284K). Sitton was out-raised by fellow Comm. Christi Craddick ($559K), who is not up for re-election until 2024, but his $1.9M cash-on-hand total exceeds Craddick’s ($1.6M).

GOV: Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who is not on the ballot until 2022, was responsible for 47% of all funds raised by all statewide and legislative candidates, including challengers. He raised $12.1M during the last 14 days of June, including $1M donations from Midland oil and gas executive Javaid Anwar and Doss ranchers Michael and Mary Porter. Abbott has $27.1M on hand, nearly as much as the entire U.S. House delegation from Texas ($29.3M).

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