Candidates in the three November 5 legislative special elections were required to file their 30-day-out campaign finance reports yesterday (Monday). Most of them became available online today (Tuesday). These reports disclose contributions received and expenditures made through September 26.

HD28 special: One candidate raised the most, another spent the most and a third has the most on hand. Anna Allred (R) reported raising $159K for the period, which was more than five times the rest of the Republican field combined and $67K more than all candidates combined. Allred spent $142K, second to Gary Gates (R), and she has $86K on hand, second to Tricia Krenek (R). Gates raised less than $1K but spent $214K – a common pattern for his campaigns – and his campaign has $7K on hand. Gates has a current loan balance of $271K. Krenek raised $30K and spent $67K. She has a loan balance of $150K, and that is the primary source of her $113K on hand. Democrat Eliz Markowitz raised $62K, spent $16K and has $38K on hand. Gary Hale (R), Sarah Laningham (R) and Clinton Purnell (R) raised less than $1K combined, spent less than $13K combined and have just over $10K on hand combined.

HD100 special: Paul Stafford (D) led the pack with $71K in contributions but is ineligible for the race. Lorraine Birabil (D) raised $60K, spent $46K and has $38K on hand. Daniel Clayton raised just under $10K, spent $4K and has less than $1K on hand. Sandra Crenshaw raised and spent $1K and reported having no cash on hand.

HD148 special: Michele Leal (D) leads the field with $109K in contributions – nearly as much as the next three candidates combined – and a $61K cash-on-hand balance. Democrats Rob Block ($28K), Anna Eastman ($28K) and Chris Watt ($28K) represent the next tier in terms of cash on hand. Block raised $39K and spent $11K. Eastman raised $50K and spent $23K. Watt raised $33K and spent $8K. No other candidate has more than $10K on hand. Kendra Yarbrough Camarena ($17K), Carol Denson ($11K) and Penny “Morales” Shaw were the only other candidates to raise at least $10K. Block, Camarena and Eastman are the only candidates to spend at least $10K.

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